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The Messiah<11>Osho on Kahlil Gilbran's the Prophet


「The Messiah」 Commentaries by Osho on Kahlil Gilbran's the Prophet, Volume 1<11>
Osho (Author) 1987/09 Publisher: Osho Intl; Paperback: 496 pages Language: English




 Medical science has made it an established fact, which is being hidden by every government from the people.... they are against drugs, they are against marijuana, but marijuana is harmless. It simply makes you more relaxed, more joyful - and it has no hangover. But marijuana is illegal and alcohol is legal. And w ho are these law givers? Alcohol destroys you, may bring you an early deathit is not so with marijuana. But to have marijuana is to commit a crime, and you can drink as much alcohol as youw ant.
  It seems that because marijuana gives people a relaxedness, a joyousness, the crippled w ho cannot dance w ill not allow anybody else to dance either. The miserable w ho cannot be happy w ill not allow anybody to be happy.
  Alcohol does not make you happy - it simply makes you forget your miseries. But tomorrow the miseries w ill be there, not less than before, but more than before - and with a headache and a hangover. This is legal, the law favors it. But marijuana is illegal.
  Only one man of understanding in this century, Aldous Huxley, had the courage to say that marijuana should be legalized all over the world and alcohol should be prohibited. He w as the man who said that marijuana is certainly somehow connected w ith the ancient Vedic days, w hen they used something they called somras. It w as a drug; it was found only in the Himalayas. The effects that they describe are very close to marijuana.
  Aldous Huxley w as a courageous man, to declare that we have all the scientific technology to take out anything from any drug that is harmful and make drugs not only harmless but nourishing to your health, to your mental stability and perhaps may give you a glimpse of the beyond. He named these ultimate findings of science after the somras. 
  The oldest book in the w orld, Rig Veda, mentions that before praying, seers w ould take somras, and then it w as easy for them to dance, to sing, to be joyous. Aldous Huxley said that one day, when humanity comes to its senses,w ew ill create a synthetic drug w hich has no bad effects at all, which passes through the body w ithin tw enty-four hours and does not remain in the body. He called it soma in the memory of those first pioneers who were calling it somras, the juice of the som. The word som means the moon. The moment they had drunk the somras, the earth became as beautiful for themas the fullmoon night - hence the name somras.
  But nobody listened to him. Humanity lags behind in listening, and by the time it starts listening it is too late.
  I started saying in 1950 that birth control should be propagated, and anybody w ho opposes it should be thought a criminal. I w as stoned, because I w as speaking against religion, because children come from God. At that time, India had a population of four hundred million people. If they had listened to me, they w ould not have been in such a mess. Now their population is more than double - almost nine hundred million people. But the politician is concerned only w ith his pow er.  Osho p468 pdf321p 「Except Love, There Should Be No Law
 いきなりこんな文章がでてくると、びっくりする。OshoにはLSD : A Shortcut to False Samadhi という小冊子がある。PDFで全文が読める。この部分は小林薫訳「プロフェット」で言えば、「罪と罰について」p87に対応する部分である。
 この部分に反応したのは、「足に土―原人・アキラ  須貝 アキラ 追悼集」を読み進めていて、杉村芳盛「アキラ 出会いと別れ」(p110)という文章に気づいていたからである。アキラたちが1977年頃、山梨県に一時期作っていた「ひまわり農場」の畑のオーナーであるようだ。
 ちょうどその時チターとタブラーの演奏会があり、私もひまわり農場へ招待された。酒か焼酎を持参しただろう。演奏が終わり酒も回り、煙草を吸う。私は生来煙草を吸わないが、煙草の匂いくらいは解る。しかしこの集団の吸う煙草の匂いは、いままでに嗅いだことがない。p110杉村芳盛「アキラ 出会いと別れ」
 あるいは、またこの「足に土」を補完するために、山田塊也「アイ・アム・ヒッピー 日本のヒッピー・ムーヴメント’60-’90」を開いていたのだが、関連の書物をしらべながら、ことこの問題に関しては、日本においては、オルダス・ハクスレーごとき蛮勇をふるっていたのは、ポンであることに、あらためて溜め息をついていたからである。


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